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Alternate names: Chornyi Potik [Ukr], Feketepatak [Hun], Černý Potok [Slov], Chernyy Potok [Rus], Kenézpatak, Chornyy Potik. 48°24' N, 23°00' E, 13 miles E of Mukacheve (Munkács), 6 miles NNW of Irshava (Ilosva). Jewish population: 52 (in 1880), 42 (in 1910).



  • US Commission No. UA06460101
  • Alternate name: Cherniy Potok (Slov). Feketepatak is located in Zakarpatskaya at 48º5 23º3 [sic], 40 km from Mukachevo. The cemetery is located at north of the village at road to Shalanka. Present town population is 1,000-5,000 with no Jews.
  • Town officials: Major-Balov Arpad [Phone: (03143) 37523].
  • Regional officials: Vinogradovsky Regional Department of Culture of Chairman-Goliba Ivan Andreevich [Phone: (03143) 22774]. Zakarpatsky Oblast Executive Council of Chairman-Ustich Sergey Ivanovich [Phone: (03122) 33051]. Zakarpatsky Oblast Administration of Culture of Chairman-Gavorets V.S. [Phone: (03122) 35373].
  • Others: Jewish Community of Vinogradov of Chairman-Rozner Nikolay [Phone: (03143) 23446].\
  • Oks Vladimir Moiseevich of 270065, Odessa, Varnenskaya Street 17d, Apt. 52 [Phone: (0482) 665950] visited site on /07/1995. Rozner Nikolay of Vinogradov was interviewed on /07/1995. Documentation: Short Jewish Encyclopaedia , vol. 2, Jerusalem 1982; Encyclopaedia Ukraineznavstvo , vol. 1-2, Kiev, 1993. Other documentation was inaccessible.
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