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Alternate names: Eszeny (HU), Eseň (CZ), Eseny (RU) Есень, Yкраïна, Yavorovo. 48°23' N / 22°16' E, Esen' is located about 37 miles S of Uzhhorod (Ungvár) and 27 miles W of Mukacheve (Munkács). Esen' was part of the Kingdom of Hungary (11th century - 1920 and 1938-1944) with the name of Eszeny in Szabolcs megye (county), then part of Czechoslovakia (1920-1938) with the name of Eseň in Podkarpatská Rus (Sub-Carpathia), then part of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (1945-1991) with the name of Eseny and, since 1991, known as Esen', in the Uzhhorodskyi rayon (district) of Zakarpats'ka oblast (county) of Ukraine.

Jews probably settled in Esen' in the mid-19th century.. 1880 Jewish population was 111 (of a total population of 1,492/). With the Hungarian occupation of Esen' in March, 1939, Jews were persecuted and pushed out of their employment. In 1941, Jews from Esen' were drafted into forced labor battalions and service on the Eastern front, where most died. In August, 1941, Jewish families without Hungarian citizenship were expelled to Nazi occupied Ukrainian territory, to Kamenets-Podolski, and murdered. The remaining Jews of Esen' were deported to Auschwitz mid-May 1944. .



Photo by Charles Burns . "The cemetery was securely fenced, but with an open gate. We found a total of five stones with very simple decoration. There was little evidence of maintenance within the fenced area." [Jan 2016]

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