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ELIKHOVICHI:     US Commission No. UA13530501
Alternative names: German: Elihoviz and Polish: Elichowice. It is located in Lvovskaya Oblast, 13 km from Zolochev. The cemetery is located at east part of village, bordering v. Zozuli in the forest near shooting- ground. Present town population is less than 1000. No Jews.

  • Town officials: Village Soviet Chairman Rebish Mikhailat the village center, near the main road Sasov-Zolochev, left. Telephone number is not known. Vllage soviet, shooting-ground headquarters.
  • Regional officials: Lvov Regional State Administration, Lvov Vinnichenko St., 18, reception room, tel.: 722947, 728093.
  • Lvov Jewish Community, Lvov Mikhnovskih St. 4, Rabbi Mordekhai Shloime Bold, tel.: 330524.
  • State Archives of Lvov region (SALR), Lvov, Podvalnaya St., 13, tel.: 720030.

     5000 Orthodox (Hasidic) Jews from Zolochev were executed here on April 4., 1943. Jews of other towns were murdered here also. The unlandmarked isolated wooded plain has no sign or marker. Reached by turning directly off the road and walking about 400m into forest to the shooting-ground, access is open with permission. No wall, fence, or gate surrounds the cemetery. Size is about 200 square meters. There are unmarked mass graves. Municipality, government office, and Armed Forces owns property used as Jewish cemetery. The site borders a rifle range. The boundaries are larger than in 1939. It is visited rarely by local citizens and soldiers of Armed Forces. It has never been vandalized. There has been no care or restoration. Serious threat: incompatibility with military firing-range. Moderate threat: pollution, vegetation overgrowth. Slight threat: safety, erosion, vandalism, and incompatible planned construction.
     Iosif Gelston, Lvov 290049, PO Box 10569, tel./fax: (0322) 227490 completed survey 30 Oct 1998. Documentation: SALR, Fond P-3, Inventory 1, pages 5-6. He visited site on 15.10.1998. Evgeniya Khrin, a citizen of Zozuli, (she has a kitchen garden in front of the forest) was interviewed.

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