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Alternate names: Dunayivtsi-Дунаевцы [Ukr], Dunayevtsy-Дунаївці [Rus], Dunajowce [Pol], Dinovitz [Yid], Dinewitz, Dinovits, Dunivits, Dunajevcy, Dunaivci, Dunaivtsi, Dunayevitz, Dunajewzy. 48°54' N, 26°50' E, 20 miles NE of Kamyanets-Podilskyy, 36 miles SSW of Khmelnytskyy (Proskurov). Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego (1880-1902), XV, p. 453: "Dunajowce". Yizkors: Dinovitz; ir moladiti (Tel Aviv, 195-). Kaminits-Podolsk and its environs (New Jersey, 1999). Kamenets-Podolsk u-sevivata (Tel Aviv, 1965) [September 2009]

Jewish Community of Dynaevtzy
Shevchenko str. 33-1
Dunayevtsy, Ukraine 32400
Tel.: (380 3858) 21085, 21791

DUNAEVTSY I:     US Commission No. UA22260101
Alternate name: Dunewitz (Yiddish), Dinivitz (German), Dunaijevtcy (Polish) and Dunayevitz (Russian). Dunaevtsy is located in Khmelnitskaya at 48º54 26º50, 70 km from Kamenets-Podolskiy and 94 km from Chernevtsy. The cemetery is located at towncenter, 150m west of bazaar. Present town population is 5,001-25,000 with 101-1,000 Jews.

  • Town officials: mer Nibelskiy Stanislav Borisovich of (03858) 21295. Chief of Dunaevtsy Rayispolkom - Baytalyuk Leonid Mikhaylovich [Phone: (03858) 21292].
  • Regional: Chief of Khmelnitskaya Oblispolkom of Geynikov Evgeniy Yakovlevich [Phone: (03822) 65024]. Oblast Department of Culture of Slobodyannik Petr Yakovlevich [Phone: (03822) 65974].
  • Others: Jewish Community of Khmelnitskiy - Mihail Zeleniy.

The earliest known Jewish community was 16th century. 1939 Jewish population (census) was 5186. Events effecting the Jewish community were 1592 Magdeburg Right.The Jewish cemetery was established in 17th century with last known Hasidic Jewish burial 1912. No other towns or villages used this unlandmarked cemetery. The isolated urban flat land has no sign or marker. Reached by turning directly off a public road, access is open to all. No wall, fence, or gate surrounds this cemetery. No stones are visible. The cemetery contains no known mass graves. The municipality owns property used for industrial or commercial use. Properties adjacent are residential. The cemetery is visited rarely by local residents. The cemetery was vandalized prior to World War II. There is no maintenance now. Within the limits of the cemetery are no structures. Very serious threat: vandalism, existing nearby development or proposed nearby development. Moderate threat: uncontrolled access and pollution. Slight threat: weather erosion and vegetation.
Oks Vladimir Moiseevich of 270065, Odessa, Varnenskaya Street, 17D, apt.52 [Phone: (0482) 665950] visited site in 03/1995 or 06/1995 and completed survey on 06/23/1995. Interviewed were Tkach E.M. of Derazhnya in 06/1995 and Beylin A.M. of Derazhnya in 06/1995.

DUNAEVTSY II:     US Commission No. UA22260102
See Dunaevtsy I for town information. The cemetery is located at South, Kalinina Street, near the highway to Kamenets-Podolskiy.

  • Caretaker with key: Podlesskiy Gavriil.
  • Interested: Khmelnitskiy Society 'Tyhie' Mikhail Zeleniy of (03822) 63047.
The isolated suburban hillside has no sign or marker. Reached by town street, access is open with permission. A continous fence with a gate that locks surrounds site. 501 to 5000 stones, all in original location and less than 25% toppled or broken, date from 1891. Location of removed stones is unknown. The cemetery has no special sections. Some tombstones have traces of painting on their surfaces, iron decorations or lettering, bronze decorations or lettering, other metallic elements, portraits on stones and/or metal fences around graves. The cemetery contains marked mass graves. The municipality owns property used for Jewish cemetery use only. Properties adjacent are residential. The cemetery boundaries are unchanged since 1939. The cemetery is visited frequently by organized individual tours and private visitors (Jewish or non-Jewish). The cemetery was vandalized during World War II. Jewish individuals within country and abroad did re-erection of stones, patching broken stones, cleaning stones, clearing vegetation, fixing wall and fixing gate in 1945-48. A local contribution and contributions from visitors pay the regular caretaker. Within the limits of the cemetery are other structures. Vegetation overgrowth is a seasonal problem, preventing access. Moderate threat: vegetation. Slight threat: uncontrolled access, weather erosion, pollution, vandalism and existing nearby development.
Oks Vladimir Moiseevich of 270065, Odessa, Varnenskaya Street, 17D, apt.52 [Phone: (0482) 665950] visited site on 3/27/95. He completed survey on 04/05/1995. Interviewed were Tkach E.M. of Dunaevtsy on 3/27/95 and Beylik A.M. of Dunaevtsy on 3/27/95. Other documentation was inaccessible.
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