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Chabanivka (village) was part of the Kingdom of Hungary (11th century - 1918 and 1938-1944). Alternate names: Bačsava (Hung) in the Ungvári járás (district) and Ung megyé (county), next part of Czechoslovakia (1918-1938; Bačovo (Czech) in Podkarpatská Rus (Sub-Carpathia), then part of the Soviet Union (Ukraine) (1945-1993) with the name of Čsabanyivka in the Uzhhorod (district) and since 1993 known as Chabanivka in the Uzhhorod Raion (district) and the Zakarpats'ka Oblast (county) of Ukraine; Чабанíвка, Yкраïна,  Bacsó, Batčhive, Čhabanowka, Tschabaniwka, Tschabanowka, and Batscheve (Yiddish). Chabanivka is located at 48°29' N, 22°33' E , 15 miles SE of Uzhhorod, 8 miles WNW of Mukacheve.

Jews probably settled in Chabanivka in the early 19th century. 1877 Jewish population: 118 with synagogue in Szerednye. 1921 Jewish population was 165 and 1944 approximately 30 Jewish families (about 200 Jews). Encyclopedia of Jewish Life (2001), p. 68: "Bacovo". [May 2010]

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