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Alternate names: Byshev [Rus], Byshiv [Ukr], Byszów [Pol], Byszew, Russian: Бышев, Ukrainian: Бишів. 50°16' N, 29°53' E, 30 miles WSW of Kyyiv, 13 miles N of Fastov. Jewish population: 597 (1897), 32 (1926).

US Commission No. UA09060101

Alternate name: Byszew, Byszow (Polish). Byshev is located in Kievskaya at 50º16 29º53, 55 km from Kiev. Cemetery: between Lenina St. and Gagarina St.. Present town population is 5,001-25,000 with fewer than 10 Jews.
The earliest known Jewish community was 1721. 1897 Jewish population was 597. No other towns or villages used this unlandmarked Hasidic cemetery. The isolated, urban, flat land has no sign or marker. Reached by turning directly off a public road, access is open to all with no wall, fence, or gate. 1-20 stones are all in original location with less than 25% of the surviving stones toppled or broken. Location of removed stones is unknown. The cemetery has only common tombstones and no known mass graves. The present owner of the property is unknown. The cemetery property is now used for other purposes. Adjacent properties are agricultural and other. The cemetery boundaries are unchanged since 1939. No one visits the cemetery. The cemetery was vandalized during World War II. Within the limits of the cemetery are no structures. Tsyauk Vladimir Trofimovich of Kiev, Kvitneviy per., 12, apt. 95 [ph: (044) 4176555] visited site and completed survey on 7/7/94

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