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Alternate names: Brailov [Rus], Brailiv [Ukr], Bralov [Yid], Brahiłów [Pol], Braiłów, Russian: Браилов. Ukrainian: Браїлів. 49°06' N, 28°10' E, 17 miles WSW of Vinnytsya (Vinnitsa). 1900 Jewish population: 3,721. References:

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Brailiv (Браїлів) is a town in the Zhmerinka district (Жмеринський район) and Vinnytsia oblast (Вінницька область). During pianist Peter Tchaikovsky's lifetime it was known as Brailov (Браилов) as part of the Vinnitsa district (Винницкий уезд) in the Podol'sk province (Подольская губерния) of the Russian Empire. In 1868, railway baron Karl von Meck purchased an estate at Brailov. After his death in 1876,  his widow, Nadezhda von Meck, invited Tchaikovsky to reside at Brailov while she was absent. He  stayed there several times. [May 2010]

FILM: "Judenfrei: A Shtetl Without Jews," a 52-minute film, part-feature, part-documentary, tells the story of Brailov in central Ukraine.

Story. [May 2010]

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Holocaust Memorial. and Mass Grave: ""In memory of the victims from the towns of Brailov and Mezhirov, who were killed by the Fascists on 25 Shvat, 4 Iyar, 26 Sivan, 18 Tamuz and 13 Cheshvan 5702"." [May 2010]

Simon Geissbuehler: We found a completely overgrown Jewish cemetery, and a defunct mill (the villagers told us so), which looked more like a former synagogue to me... [July 2012]


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