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Boyarka coat of arms,

Alternate names: Boyarka [Rus, Ukr, Yid], Bojarka [Pol, Ger], Boiarka. 49°20' N, 30°40' E, 76 miles S of Kyyiv, 22 miles NW of Zvenigorodka, 9 miles NW of Lysyanka. ([Not Boyarka-Budayevka, 12 miles SW of Kyyiv]. 1900 Jewish population: 761. Home of Sholom Aleichem, writer

Boiarka Mass Grave - Between 75 and 120 Jewish victims were killed at this site in early 1943. There is also evidence that 10 local Jewish residents were killed here in October 1941. Plaque required which mentions Jewish victims. RESTORED
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