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Coat of arms of Boiany Alternate names: Boyany [Ukr  Бояни , Rus Бояны ], Boian [Rom], Bojan [Ger, Pol], Boyan and באיאן [Yid], Boianceni. 48°17' N, 26°08' E, 9 miles E of Chernivtsi (Tschernowitz). Jewish population: 781 (in 1880).

"The Hasidic dynasty of Boyan was founded here in 1887 by Rabbi Yitzchok Friedman (1850-1917), eldest son of the first Sadigura Rebbe, Rabbi Avrohom Yaakov Friedman (1820-1883). Upon the death of his father in 1883, Rabbi Yitzchok and his brother Rabbi Yisrael (1852-1907) assumed joint leadership of their father's Hasidim. Although they were content with this arrangement, many of the Sadigura Hasidim preferred to have one Rebbe, and in 1887, the brothers agreed to draw lots to determine who would stay in Sadigura and who would move out. The lots fell to Rabbi Yisrael to remain as the second Sadigura Rebbe, while Rabbi Yitzchok moved to the neighboring town of Boiany (Boyan) and established his court there, becoming the first Boyaner Rebbe. Under his leadership, Boyaner Hasidut flourished. Boyaner communities were established in nearby towns as well as in Tiberias, Safed, and Jerusalem, Israel. At the beginning of World War I, the town of Boyan was completely destroyed and the Rebbe and his family escaped to Vienna, where the Rebbe died in 1917. After the war ended, his four sons each moved to a different country to establish their court. Boyaner Hasidut continues today under the leadership of Rabbi Nachum Dov Brayer, great-grandson of the first Boyaner Rebbe, who makes his home in Jerusalem." Wikipedia. [Mar 2014]


Photos courtesy Edgar Hauster [2009]


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