BIL'CHE ZOLOTE: Tarnapol Print

Alternate names: Bil'che-Zolote Більче-Золоте [Ukr], Bilcze Złote [Pol], Bil'che-Zolotoye [Rus], Bilcze, Bil'che, Bil'ch, בילצ'ה זלוטה. [Hebrew] . 48°47' N, 25°52' E, 55 miles SSE of Ternopil (Tarnopol), 8 miles W of Borshchiv (Borszczów). Jewish population: 57 (in 1870), 133 (in 1921). Shtetlink.Ternopilska Oblast (Region / Province) and Borshchivskyi Raion (County/ District).

JewishGen KehilaLink [March 2012]

A cemetery was improvised in the place where they only had buried epidemic victims or fallen Jewish soldiers from World War I. [September 2010]

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