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(Ukrainian: Березне, Russian: Берёзно, Polish: Bereźne) is a city on the Sluch River north of Rivne and the administrative centre of the Berezne Raion. Population is 13,390 (2011). urban settlement and administrative center of Berezno Raion, Rovno Oblast on the Sluch' River (Dnieper basin), 20 km from the Malynsk railroad station. Berezno has a creamery and a food-processing combine, and in 1970 construction began on a flax factory.51°00'N 26°45'E Mapquest Google Maps

The majority of the population in the area has always been Ukrainian with minority populations of Poles and Jews. Starting in the mid-17th century resentment of the Ukrainian population grew over the presence of what they considered foreigners in their midst; Bogdan Chmelnitsky, used this to fan the flames of nationalism. Chmelnitsky initiated bloody pogroms against thousands of Jews in Ukraine including the Jews of Berezne. See Wikipedia for WWII information.


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Berezno monument inscriptions:

The Hebrew inscription, Berezno:  "In memory of those holy martys in Berezno and its surrounding areas
Who were murdered and buried alive on 12th Elul 5702 - August 1942
by the Nazis and their collaborators may their names be blotted out.
And may You gather our blood into vessels, because there is no other who can gather it in like You.”
G. Alterman
The voice of our brothers' blood cries out from this earth
[Abbrev].: May their souls be bound in the eternal bond of Life"

The memorial from Soviet times: "On this place on 25 August 1942 the German-Fascist occupiers shot 3,680 Soviet civilians". Berezno.  These "Soviet civilians" were Jews, though no Soviet memorial acknowledged that fact.



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