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US Commission No. UA13550101
Alternative names: German?: Brzozdowce; Polish: Brzozdowce. Located in Lvovskaya Oblast, 14 km from Khodorova. Cemetery: the SE part of the village, on a hill near the road to Khadorov. Present town population is 1000-5000 with no Jews.
  • Town: Shpak Mykola Mikhailovich-village soviet chairman, tel.: 22033. Village soviet is in the center near the main road.
  • Regional: Lvov Regional State Administration, Lvov Vinnichenko St., 18, reception room, tel.: 722947, 728093. Lvov Judaic community, Lvov Mikhnovskih St. 4, Rabbi Mordekhai Shloime Bold, tel.: 330524. Lvov Center State Historical Archives (CSHA), Sobornaya square, 3a, tel.: 723508.
The earliest mention about Jewish community is 18th century. 1880 Jewish population was 640. The cemetery was created in the 18th century with last known Orthodox Jewish burial before 1941. Gorishnie and Dolishnie, 6km and 7km away, used this unlandmarked and unlocked cemetery. The isolated suburban hilltop has no caretaker, sign, or marker. Reached by turning directly off the road, access is open to all with no wall, fence or gate. The approximate size of the cemetery before the World War II and now is 0.3 hectares. 1-20 tombstones, more than 75% broken regardless of position, date from 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. The sandstone finely smoothed stones or flat stones with carved relief decoration have Hebrew inscriptions. There are no separate monuments, structures, or mass graves. The municipality owns the property used only as Jewish cemetery bordering an agricultural area. The cemetery boundaries are the same as in 1939. The cemetery is visited rarely by private visitors. The cemetery was vandalized during the World War II and since. There is no care or restoration. Very serious threat: vegetation overgrowth, vandalism, and safety. Without any control, the cemetery is getting dirty with traces of vandal's actions. Thick bushes prevent access. Moderate threat: erosion, incompatibility with present and planned construction.
Iosif Gelston, Lvov, 290049, PO Box 10569, tel./fax: (0322) 227490 completed survey on 7.11.1998. Documentation: CSHA, Fond 186, Inventory 4, 14 points of safe, page 5; Slownik Geog. Krol. Pols. T.1, St. 423, Warszawa, 1880 (in Polish); Catechism of Lvov Archdiocese of Greek-Orthodox Church, p.183, Lvov, 1935, 1936. Iosif Gelston visited the site for this survey in 28.10.1998. Guliy Lubov Petrovna, secretary, chairman of village soviet, tel.: 22033, was interviewed.
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