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BEREHOVO: also see Beregovo

Photos [January 2016]

Alternate name: before WWII was Beregsas. In Zakarpatia region, there was a big Jewish community. The city was very active in all the movements like Maccabi, Bnei Akiva, Hashomer Hatzair etc. There was a famous Rabbi-Rabbi Shlomo Sofer, son of "Ktav Sofer" and grandson of "Chatam Sofer" from Presburg. In 1944, the Jews were moved to the brick factory ghetto, and from there to Auschwitz. The cemetery is located 500 meters from the local cemetery, but separate in the backyard of a local family of caretakers. They fix the tombstones and regularly maintain the place. Rumors said that a Jewish man named Guttman pays them (?). The condition is good. The 500 tombstones include that of Rabbi Shlomo Sofer and his wife. A tombstone of Rabbi Eliezer Tzuker former Rabbi of town is in a small building ("ohel"). A fence and walls surround the 300x200 meters. Most tombstones are traditional flat shaped stones with Hebrew inscriptions, but there are also marble and other tombstones and obelisks etc. There are tombstones from the 1980s. I am sure that there are Jews in this village but I don't know how many. I visited there in 1 September 1998 with Mr. Zeev Peleg from Beer Sheba, Israel who was born there. Source: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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