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US Commission No. UA25080101
Alternate names: Beregomet (Yiddish), Berhomet (German), Berhomet pe Prut (Hungarian) and Berkhomet (Polish). Beregomet is located in Chernovitskaya. The town is location at 48º10 25º19, 25 km from Vizhnitsa and 50 km from Chernovtsy. Cemetery: central part of the village on Komsomolskaya St. Present town population is 5,001-25,000 with under 10 Jews.
  • Town: Village Executive committee of Chairman-Andronik Michail Ivanovich [ph: ya St.20]. : Jewish Culture Foundation of Chernovtsy, Theatralnaya sq.5 [ph: (03722) 21940].
  • Regional: Soviet narodnih Deputy of Vizhnitsky Region of 275640, Chernovitsky region, Vizhnitsa, Ukrainskaya St.85a [ph: (03730) 21246]. Department of Nationalities of 274010, Chernovtsy, Sovetskaya St.1 [ph: (03722) 22640].
  • Others: Teacher of Jewish school-Ferdman Efim Nikolayevich [ph: (03722) 22745] Inhabitant of Beregomet-Goldshteyn Leon Kalmanovich of Centralnaya srt.97 [ph: (03722) 36760].
1910 Jewish population (census) was 2000. The last known Hasidic Jewish burial was 1940. No other towns or villages used this unlandmarked cemetery. The isolated, urban, flat land with no sign or marker is reached by turning directly off a public road and Centralnaya St.. Access is open with permission. No wall, fence, or gate surrounds the cemetery. No stones are visible. Location of removed stones is unknown. The cemetery contains no known mass graves. The cemetery property is now used for industrial or commercial use. Adjacent properties are commercial or industrial. Rarely, local residents visit. No vandalism is reported in last ten years. There is no maintenance now. Within the limits of the cemetery is a garage. Very serious threat: weather erosion, vegetation, vandalism, and existing and proposed nearby development.
Hodorkovsky Yuriy Isaakovich of 252037, Ukraine, Kiev, Vozduhoflotsky 37a, 23 [ph: (044) 2769505] visited site on 1/10/95 and interviewed Golshteyn Leon Kalmanovich of Beregomet on 1/27/95. He completed survey on 02/06/1995.
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