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Alternate/former name: Nagy Bereg (Hung.) Beregi, pronounced Berehi, is located in Zakarpatskaya Oblast, Transcarpathia at approximately 48º15' N, 22º45' E, 6 km. NE of Beregovo. Interested is rabbi of the Transcarpathian Oblast: Rabbi C. Hoffman, Boulevard Lenina 5-Kvartira 13, Mukacevo. Telephone: 38 03131 29880, FAX: 41151. Date of last known Jewish burial in cemetery is at least 1941. The flat and isolated suburban site has no sign or marker. Inscriptions are in Hebrew/Yiddish. The cemetery is reached by turning directly off a public road and backed by a wooden fence with chain link on one side and two sides open. Fencing appears to be part of adjacent properties. No gate or lock. Access is open to all. The size is about 75x75 feet with 20 to 100 stones in original location. No stones are toppled or broken. Vegetation is not a problem. Oldest known gravestone is at least 1854. Tombstones are flat stones with carved relief with Hebrew or Yiddish inscriptions. No known mass graves. The cemetery is now used for agricultural purposes with one or two goats grazing. Adjacent properties are residential.
Diane Goldman ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) and Herb Meyers), 4977 Battery Lane, Bethesda MD 20814 visited the site on 3 & 5 August 1998. She completed the survey on 1 March 1999.
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