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Alternate names: Berdyans'k / Бердянск [Rus], Berdiansk / Бердянськ [Ukr], Osipenko [Rus, 1939-1958], Berdjansk [Ger], Berdiańsk [Pol]. (1827-30 Kuturogly, 1830-42 Novo-Nogaisk, 1939-58 Osipenko) 46°45' N, 36°48' E, on the N coast of the Sea of Azov. 1900 Jewish population: 3,048. Founded in 1827, the city is a holiday and health resort. 2005 population: 121,692. [August 2009]

Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego (1880-1902), I, p. 134: "Berdiańsk". JewishGen Ukraine SIG.

Holocaust Memorial outside of the town.


map [Mar 2014]

photo gallery 'The Vanishing World of Ukrainian Jewry'. Berdyansk was founded as a village by the governor-general of Novorossia, Count M.S. Vorontsov, who was fairly liberal with Jews, who were tailors and merchants . In 1842, it became district capital. Jewish population: 572 in 1847, 703 iIn 1864 (and 744 in the district); 1897 3,306 (including 258 Karaites) or 12.9% with 9,171 (3% ) in the district. During WWI and the Civil War Berdyansk Jews suffered. 1926 - 2,138 Jews,  and 1939 - 2,393 (4.6%). Berdyansk was occupied by German troops in October 1941. About a thousand Jews were shot in a gorge near the town; the rest were annihilated in 1942. Little is known about Jewish life under subsequent Soviet rule. However, in the early 1990s a Jewish cultural society was founded and a synagogue congregation was active. According tothe *Jewish Agency there were 2,000 Jews in Berdyansk in 1994 (1.3% of the total population).[August 2009]

SOURCE with photos: "Since the founding of the city a significant portion of the residents there were Jews who were mainly engaged in tailoring and trade. In 1847 the city and county population of 572 Jews in 1860 was founded a Talmud Torah and in 1864 was registered in Berdyansk 703 Jews, and in the county - 744. In April 1881 the Jewish population of the city, anxious anti-Jewish speeches after the assassination of Alexander II, appealed to the authorities for the dispatch of troops to prevent the mayhem. In response to "hurt" philistine mayor of Berdyansk introduced Tauride provincial commission on the Jewish question the proposal to prohibit Jews profession pharmacist, notary, as well as trade in groceries. in 1890. worked in three Jewish schools, at Talmud Torah opened craft department. According to the 1897 census, the number of Jews in Berdyansk was 3306 people (including 258 Karaites) - 12.9% of the total population, in the district - 9171 people (3% of the population).During the First World War to the children of Jewish refugees from the frontline were open new schools. During the Civil War became an arena of confrontation Berdyansk various forces, and the city has repeatedly passed from hand to hand, the Jewish population suffered from the violence and looting. In June 1920 by a decision of the local organization of the Jewish Communist Party Po'aley Zion seven of its members were mobilized into the Red Army on the Polish front. spent his childhood in Berdyansk artist I. Brodsky. In 1930 the city was opened Museum of Art named Brodsky based on a rich collection, donated to the city by the artist. Near Berdyansk, in the village of Great Tokmak birthplace of the Hero of the Soviet Union, fighter pilot VS Levitan (1918-2000), shot down during the Second World War 20 German planes.According to the 1926 census, the city's population 2,138 Jews, according to the Census 1939 - 2393 Jews (4.6% of total population). Many Jews Berdyansk by this time had to evacuate. 16 and 19 October 1941 were shot about a thousand people, mostly Jews, in the vicinity of the city, at Merlikovoy beams. The survivors, including mixed marriages, were destroyed in 1942 In 1989, the Jewish population was 431 people Berdyansk. In 1992, in Berdyansk was created Society for Jewish Culture, the Jewish community of Berdyansk (Chairman D. Praysman). Since 1996 began working Jewish Sunday school family computer. Great help to the Jewish population of the city was supported by a Joint Welfare Center "Hesed Deborah" (Director D. Praysman). The city acted Jewish amateur groups: klezmer orchestra, dance group, vocal group of girls "1847 census, the Jewish population of the county and B. (Heb. society in Melitopol, nutty and Nogai) consisted of 306 male. 266 and wo. , in 1864 in B. Jews: 346 m, 357 w., and in the county; 354 muzhch., 390 wo., according to the Census 1897 B. inhabitants. 26496, of which the Jews. 3048 (and 258 Karaites) in the county, along with B. inhabitants. 304718, of which the Jews. 9171, the largest number of Jews in the county live in the settlements: ex. mountains. Nogai - inhabitants. 3,963 of them Jews. 508, ex. mountains. Orehov - inhabitants. 5996, Heb. 971; places. Tokmak Large - inhabitants. 19326, Heb. 2421. Available schools: Talmud Torah with evening classes for girls and readings from the Saturday, one male and two female private school. most common occupations among Jews in B. and county - manufacturing and trade dress." Jewish Encyclopedia of Brockhaus and Efron. Detailed photo.
Video interview in Berdyansk, Dnepropetrovsk ICC, 2011.


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