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Alternate names: Bazaliya [Rus, Ukr Базалія], Bazilia [Yid, Pol], Bazalija, Baziliye, Russian: Базалия. באַזיליִע Yiddish. 49°43' N, 26°28' E, 32 miles NW of Khmelnytskyy (Proskurov), 42 miles SE of Kremenets. Bazaliya County, Kamenets-Podolsk District. map click here. 1897 Jewish population: 820 (25%). City in Teofipol Raion (district) of Khmelnytskyi Oblast in western Ukraine on the Sluch River. Bazaliya was first founded in 1570.2001 estimated population: 2,114.

Jews settled in Bazaliyain the late 17th century. One of the first Jewish printing presses in Volhynia was established there. In June 1919 300 Jews were killed during a pogrom. Under Soviet rule, a Yiddish school operated in the town until the mid-1930s. 1939 Jewish population: 410 {>15%}


  • On July 6, 1941, the Germans occupied Bazaliya, which became part of Antoniny administrative district (Gebiet), sometime afterward a ghetto was set up. Inmates suffered from abuse, disease, hunger, and forced labor. According to one account, in Spring 1942 a visit of high-ranking Nazi officials was planned. Shtundiuk, the elder of Bazaliya, ordered the Jews to take tombstones from the Jewish cemetery to construct a sidewalk. Those unable to carry the heavy tombstones were shot to death on the spot. The remaining Jews of Bazaliya were murdered in July 1942 outside the town in the forest near the village of Manyevtsy, along with Jews from Antoniny, Krasilov, Kulchiny and other nearby towns. Bazaliya was liberated by the Red Army on March 4 or 5, 1944.
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