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also may be buried at Konotop

Coat of arms of Bakhmach Alternate names: Bakhmach and Бахмач [Rus, Ukr], Bachmatch [Yid], Bachmatsch [Ger], Bachmacz [Pol], Bachmac. 51°13' N, 32°46' E. 66 miles ESE of Chernihiv (Chernigov), 19 miles W of Konotop. Bakhmach County, Chernigov District, 1900 Jewish population: 491. January 1, 2005 population: 20,300."Bakhmach began as a settlement in the 1860s and 1870s when the Libau-Romny Railway line nearby was under construction. In January 1919, the city was the site of battles between the invading Bolsheviks forces and the Chornomorska Division, which was attempting to keep the Left-bank Ukraine under the control of the army of the Ukrainian National Republic (UNR). During World War II, Bakhmach was under German occupation from 13 September 1941 until 9 September 1943." Source: Wikipedia Feb 2015

"Jews first settled in Bakhmach in 1796. In 1905 a pogrom was prevented there by a Jewish self-defence group. During the Russian civil war there several pogroms were carried out: by a local gang in April 1918, by Petliura's men in the winter of 1918-1919, and by Denikin's White Army. In 1939 295 Jews lived in the town, comprising 2.9 percent of the total population. Bakhmach was occupied by German troops on September 10, 1941. By that time most Jews had already succeeded in leaving. In December 1942 the remaining Jews of Bakhmach were murdered by Germans. Most of them were shot although several Jews were burned alive, together with some non-Jews from Bakhmach. Among those murdered in Bakhmach were Jews from Grigorovka, Peski, Parafiyevka, Novyye Mnyly, and Pliski, who were shot between January 1942 and March 1943. Bakhmach was liberated by the Red Army on September 9, 1943." Source [Feb 2015]


  • JOWBR: Jewish Cemetery at Kooperatyvna Street, across the street from building number 24.
  • Bakhmach Jewish Cemetery - Owned by the local municipality, this cemetery is in a good condition. However, vegetation overgrowth is a threat and should be removed regularly. [Mar 2015]


  • Murder Sites:
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