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Alternate names: Babchintsy, Babtschinzy, Bobchintsy, Babchyntsi, Бабчинці. 48°25' N 28°10' E, 174.8 miles SW of Kyyiv.  Chernevtsy County, Vinnitsa District

"Jews apparently started to settle in Babchintsy in the mid-18th century. Most Babchintsy Jews were small-scale merchants or artisans. Until the late 19th century many of Babchintsy's Jews made their living from tobacco growing. The Jewish residents of Babchintsy suffered violent attacks during the revolutionary years and the civil war in Russia. Under Soviet rule many Jews left Babchintsy in search of vocational and educational opportunities. In 1926 about 50 Babchintsy Jews left the village and established a Jewish agricultural colony called "Novaya Zhizn" (New Life) near Kherson in southern Ukraine. Many Babchintsy Jews who stayed in the village worked on the nearby "Zarya" (Dawn)kolkhoz. In the 1920s the Babchintsy synagogue buidling was used as a 4-year Yiddish school but it was later demolished. In 1939 192 Jews lived in Babchintsy, comprising 2.6 percent of the total population. After the start of the German invasion of the Soviet Union a number of Jewish refugees arrived in Babchintsy.  Babchintsy was occupied by the Germans on July 20, 1941. Between 80 and 140 (according to German or Soviet sources) Jews from Babchintsy were murdered in the second half of August 1941 near the village. On September 1, 1941 Babchintsy became part of the Romanian occupied area of Transnistria. Babchintsy was liberated by the Red Army in March 1944." Source [Feb 2015]

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