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Alternate names: Artemivs'k and ??????????  [Ukr], Artėmovsk [????????? / ?????? Rus, since 1924], Bakhmut [Rus, before 1924], Bachmut [Yid, Pol], Artemowsk. 48°35' N, 38°00' E, 41 miles NNE of Donetsk (Yuzovka, Stalino), 61 miles W of Luhansk (Voroshilovgrad).

Artemovsk Jewish Community (Chabad)

Chairman: Ilya Krichevsky
Address: 135-19, Petrovsky Street, Artemovsk, Donetsk region 84500 Ukraine
Phone: 380-6274 49486
Region: 05 Donetsk region
Profile: 3.1 Jewish Community and Welfare Centers
Corporation: Chabad


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