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Coat of arms of AlupkaAlternate names: (Russian: Алýпка; Ukrainian: Алýпка; Crimean Tatar: Alupka). 44°25' N 34°03' E, 446.9 miles SSE of Kyyiv.. A 2014 -- 20?? territorial dispute between the Russian Federation and Ukraine riddles the resort town in the Crimean peninsula, 11 mi W of Yalta. Alupka is located at the foot of the 1234m Ai-Petri (St Peter) Mount of the Crimean Mountains chain.  Famous for the Vorontsov Palace designed by English architect Edward Blore, an extravagant mixture of Scottish baronial and Neo-Moorish styles, was built in 1828-1846 for prince Mikhail Semyonovich Vorontsov. Alupka and surrounding area are full of resort hotels on the shore of the Black Sea. Alupka was first founded as a Greek settlement, name meaning fox. The next control wasthe Byzantine Empire. Then, Alupka was controlled by Crimean Tatars. Then, the city came into possession of Grigori Alexandrovich Potemkin, governor-general of the Novorossiya Krai. In 1798, the city had a population of 211, consisting mainly of farmers.At the end of 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, Alupka was a famous resort. Source: Wikipedia. [Feb 2015]

Moorish Revival architecture - Wikipedia, the free ...: " Edward Blore used Islamic arches, domes of various size and shapes and other details of Near Eastern Islamic architecture to great effect in his design for Alupka Palace in Crimea, a cultural setting that had already been penetrated by authentic Ottoman styles. By the mid-19th century, the style was adopted by the Jews of Central Europe, who associated Moorish and Mudéjar architectural forms with the golden age of Jewry in medieval Muslim Spain. As a consequence, Moorish Revival spread around the globe as a preferred style of synagogue architecture."

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