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Polish refugee camps existed. Some of the Poles ended up under Russian occupation (as a result of the Ribbentrop-Stalin pact) and eventually in these camps.Website with pictures and burial list. TRANSLATION: Cemetery in Masindi (today Nyabyeya). The cemetery is located close to the Polish church. Surrounded by a stone wall, the area is ​​813 square meters. In the central section of the cemetery is a cross on a pedestal, which bears a plaque with Polish emblem and the inscription: "Let us pray for the dead Poles. 1939-1947. " In the cemetery there are 51 graves, of which 44 are Polish burials [NOTE: the remainder probably are Jews]. Of the three cemeteries we visited, this is the best preserved.... Improved the fading inscriptions on many gravestones. Cleaned up the gate and a commemorative plate, located on a pedestal under the cross. Most damaged tombs were cleaned and painted." [April 2011]

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