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The community is smaller now than under the Ottoman Empire. Once, nine synagogues existed along Havra Sokak (Synagogue Street) in Izmir's bazaar. Today, three function. As in Istanbul, the Jewish community was moved to more desirable residential sections. Still, the heart of Izmir's Jewish life, "La Judiera," the bazaar area on the Street of Synagogues, had nine small synagogues serving the Jewish merchants and artisans working close by of which three are still used. Two are closed except on Saturday: Kadosh Mizrahi Synagogue, 927 Sokak no. 73 and Shalom (Aydin) Synagogue, 927 Sokak no. 38-C, through a short passage of a shoe shop. lsancak now is home to most of Izmir's Jewish population.



    Jewish Cemetery Unearthed During Construction Work in Turkey. 1 May 2013 - "Gravestones and bones from an ancient Turkish Jewish cemetery have been unearthed during the construction of an underground tunnel. The remains in the Turkish city of Izmir were found more than 20 feet below ground, the Hurriyet Daily News reported. According to Hurriyet, the gravestones were left in the ground and the bones were delivered to representatives of Izmir's Jewish community. The bones will be reburied in the Altındag Jewish Cemetery, which remains open to Jewish burials, Izmir Jewish community chairman Jak Kaya told Hurriyet". Read the original article here. [Apr 2014]



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