EDIRNE [Odrin, Hadrianopolis, Adrianoupolis, Dninapoly, Ederne] Print

Alternate names: Edirne [Tur], Odrin [Bulg, Slav, Mac], Hadrianopolis [Lat], Adrianoupolis [Gr], Adrianopoli [Gr], Adrinople [Fr, Eng], Adrianople [Rus], Adrianopel [Yid], Drinápoly [Hun], Drinopol [Cz], Jedrene [Serb], Hadrianople, Ederné. 41°40' N, 26°34' E, in NW Turkey, near borders with Greece and Bulgaria. Lived there include


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The formerly very large and prosperous Jewish community has dwindled to only a few families, who use one grand but aging synagogue.

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