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Jewish Community history and photos. [January 2009]

"Jewish Memphis" online. [December 2000]

Memphis Jewish Community Center [November 2009]

Memphis JCC. [December 2000]

[UPDATE] Help Me, Information: Memphis Jews Want You [January 2017]

Solomon Schechter Day School: Bornblum Solomon Schechter School, 6641 Humphreys Blvd, Memphis,TN 38120. Source: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it [November 2009]

Also see Holly Springs, MS: [January 2009]


Anshei Galicia: Orthodox and defunct. history [January 2009]

Anshei Mischna: Orthodox and defunct.  history[January 2009]

ANSHEI SPHARD-BETH EL EMETH CONGREGATION (Orthodox) 12O East Yates Road North, Memphis, TN 38120, (901) 682-1611 (Phone), = (901) 682-1613 website.

history and photos and history [January 2009]

Bais Chabad of Tennessee (Orthodox), 2570 Kirby Parkway, Memphis,TN  38119. Ph: (901) 754-0404

BARON HIRSCH CONGREGATION (Orthodox), 400 South Yates, Memphis, TN 38120, (901) 683-7485 (Phone), (901)683-7499 (Fax) . website

history and photos and history [January 2009]

In 1892, the group was chartered as the Baron Hirsch Benevolent Society, named in honor of the famed French Jewish philanthropist.  That same year they purchased a former African American church at 4th Street and Washington Avenue for use as a synagogue. Now on South Yates Road. [January 2009]

Beth El Emeth: Orthodox. history. Lost its rabbi to Yellow Fever epidemic and disbanded in 1882, transferring its property and cemetery to Children of Israel (Temple Israel). Most of Beth El Emeth’s remaining members did not rejoin the now Reform congregation, instead joining a new Orthodox congregation, Baron Hirsch. Merged wtih Anshei Sphard. [January 2009]

BETH SHOLOM: Conservative. 1954. Humphreys Avenue,  Memphis,TN 38120 also houses Solomon Schechter Day School. In 1980, Beth Shalom's Torah scrolls were stolen from the ark and thrown into the Wolf River. The thieves also stole two scrolls from Orthodox congregation Anshe Sphard-Beth El Emeth.  While the scrolls were eventually found, they were unable to be restored.  All of them had to be replaced, though they did return their Holocaust Torah to the ark. [January 2009]

B'nai Israel: Orthodox. chartered in 1854 as first Orthodox synagogue in Memphis and became Reform. See history and photos. [January 2009]

Or Chadash New Conservative Synagogue (Conservative), 6629 Massey Ln. Memphis,TN 38120. ph: (901) 435-6353. [November 2009]

Young Israel of Memphis (Orthodox), 531 S. Yates Rd. Memphis,TN 38120. ph: (901) 761-6060

TEMPLE ISRAEL: Reform. AKA B’nai Israel, Children of Israel, and Temple Israel. See History and photos. [January 2009]

Temple Israel of Memphis, 1376 E. Massey Rd. Memphis,TN 38120. ph: (901) 761-3130. [November 2009]



  • Anshei Sphard - Beth El Emeth Cemetery: Located at about 2160 Airways Blvd.; Source: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  [December 2000] website.
  • photos and burial list. [Mar 2014]
  • Zalowitz-Beth El Emeth Cemetery (a part of the Anshei Sphard-Beth El Emeth operations). 4431 Horn Lake Rd. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it [November 2009]
  • Baron Hirsch Cemetery: 1523 S. Rozelle St., South Memphis, Tennessee.  [November 2002]
  • photos and burial list. [Mar 2-14]
  • Bass Ave. Cemetery: 1840's, See Postal & Koppman Jewish Tourist's Guide to U.S. Phila., PA: Jewish Publ. Soc., 1954. Bass Ave. Cemetery is no longer in existence; graves were transferred to Temple Israel Cemetery. Source: Herb Lebovits [November 2009]
  • Beth El Emeth Cemetery: Hornlake Road.. Founded 1925.
  • photos and burial list.  [Mar 2014]
  • Beth Sholom Memorial Gardens: off I-40 at Appling Rd. This is a secured site,and the gate code is available by phoning the synagogue office at 901/683-3591. [November 2009      photos and burial list. [Mar 2014]]
  • Elmwood Cemetery: A non-sectarian historic cemetery with Jewish burials.  [March 2003]
  • Temple Israel Cemetery: 1708 Hernando Rd. In 1850, Memphis’ small but growing Jewish community established the Hebrew Benevolent Society to oversee a new cemetery that had been donated by early Jewish settler Joseph Andrews.
  • "Temple Israel was founded in 1853 by a group of 36 Jewish Memphians, who named the city's first Reform Jewish congregation, B'nai Israel, Children of Israel. The congregation survived the difficulties of the Civil War and the devastation of the yellow fever epidemic. As the congregation grew, it moved into another home before building a new Temple in the heart of the city at Poplar and Montgomery. The new site served Temple Israel's members for 61 years until the congregation, which had grown into the largest Reform Jewish congregation in the Mid-South, purchased a 35-acre site in East Memphis." Source [December 2000]
  • See Cemeteries of the US , Deborah M. Burek, ed. Gale Research Int., Detroit MI (1994) ISBN 0-8103-9245-3.
  • photos and burial list. [Mar 2014]
  • [UPDATE] On Elvis Presley's "not-so-secret" Jewish identity [June 2015]


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