Most Tajik Jews live in this capital. Thousands of Jews left due to violence sparked by civil war between rival Muslim factions. "Most Jewish activity occurs in Dushanbe with a synagogue, schools, and community centers. The rabbi of Tashkent is involved in overseeing the religious needs of this small community. The future in Tajikistan is uncertain, especially for the many elderly and sick people who cannot emigrate. The Jewish Community of Tajikistan is a full member of the Federation of Jewish Communities of the C.I.S." Source (this information no longer posted): http://www.fjc.ru [January 2004]

Synagogue [January 2010]

Jewish Community of Dushanbe
Nazima Khikmata str. 26
Dushanbe, Tajikistan 7340001
Tel.: (992 372) 21-76-58, 21-20-26, 21-31-64
Amnon Iyaev
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