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Article in Spanish. [August 2010]


"El Transito Synagogue and the Sephardic Museum have a fine collection of Jewish tombstones from Spain. Some of the newly found tombstones (from Valencia, Leon, Seville, and Merida, in particular) date from the Arab conquest of Spain and bear Arabic inscriptions." [Source ?]
Avnwi zikaron (Memorial stones). 76 tombstones texts from Tolitula [Toledo] collected five and six hundred years ago by Almantgi, Yosef; Prague, 1841. 1O9p, (Ancient manuscript print version. Added notes by Shemuel David Lutsato) Hebrew); Notes: Coverage 1240-1471. 76 tombstones, some without names/date. Source: National and University Library, Jerusalem

The above mentioned inscriptions of seventy-six tombstone "that were engraved on the graves of Rabbis and Notabilities who lived in Toledo six hundred years ago" are now online at: [June 2002]

Rapport sur les inscriptions hebraiques de l'Espagne (Report on the Hebrew inscriptions in Spain), by M. Schwab. Paris, 1907. 193 pages, photographs, French. S25V13792. Notes: 172 tombstones (86 in Toledo), 3rd-14th centuries, men and women, based on Almantsi and S. D. Luzzatto books, chronology by places, Jewish population, history, some genealogy (details in genealogy index), biographies, general index. Source: National and University Library, Jerusalem
Nuevo hallazgo de una inscripcion sepulcral hebraica en Toledo (A Hebrew grave inscription newly discovered in Toledo) In: Boletin de la Real Academia de la Historia, t.67, 1915. 8 pages, Spanish. 29V4853. Notes: one inscription, 1349, inscriptions analysis Source: National and University Library, Jerusalem

See also Tàrrega, a little city in Cataluña, 120 kms west of Barcelona.

CEMETERY: An ancient cemetery exists on the road to the current Catholic cemetery behind Instituto de Ensenanza Media at Cerro de la Horca. Source: Israelowitz, Oscar. Guide to Jewish Europe. Brooklyn, NY: Israelowitz Publishing, 1995, p. 300. [October 2000]

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