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Alternate names: Palma, Palma de Mallorca. 39°34' N 2°39' E, 340.9 miles E of Madrid

A Jewish community on the verge of extinction - Israel Jewish Scene, Ynetnews.[Oct 2015]



  • park on site of the old Jewish cemetery, Source [Oct 2015]
  • "One of the first references to a Jewish cemetery in Palma de Mallorca was made two years after the island was conquered. On July 1st 1231 a corn exchange was donated used by the Christians in Moslem times to be transformed into a Jewish cemetery. This donation was to be inserted in the block of concessions made by Jaime I to the Jews inhabiting Madina Mayurqa to thank them for their support. In any case, it seems that it was not put down in writing until sometime - around ten years - later. An order by the King dated May 8th 1252, ordered stone and land not to be taken from the Jewish cemetery at Porto Pí Gate. By dint of the confiscation of 1314 and 1315 of all the assets of the Jews of Palma de Majorca the cemetery fell under royal ownership. This made it possible for King Sancho from Perpiñán on November 6th 1319 to donate the land sot the jurors of the University and Kingdom of Majorca.Once the cemetery had disappeared, the name Fossar dels jueus remained in the public consciousness for some time afterwards and it was used as a landmark which could not be confused. The former Jewish cemetery was a certain distance away from the wall, alongside the Porto Pí Gate, before which were the church and hospital of Santa Catalina de los Pobres, founded in 1324 by the merchant Ramón de Salelles and which ended up becoming a square. On this basis, constructing mills at the start and then later adding houses, the still existing district of Es Jonquet was born at this site which conserves part of the mills known as Molinar de Ponent." Source [Oct 2015]



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