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  • Hereford St.: No longer exists. Used by Canturbury Hebrew Congregation. Contact Dr. Gerald L. Morris (90B Proctor Street, Christchurch 5. phone and fax: 03.352-4764) for information about 34 burials in Hereford Street. All were re-interred in Linwood Cemetery in one grave under a single headstone in 1943. Active 1870 to 1885.
  • Linwood Cemetery: {xxxxx} Situated in a suburb of Christchurch, the site is still active and contains about 250 graves. The original cemetery was in Hereford St. and dates from 1870. Graves were moved in 1943 and re-interred in a single grave with one headstone. The Jewish section is part of a larger cemetery, which is now full and inactive. The Jewish area is set apart and is consecrated ground. [This needs clarification: Unfortunately, the dates of death were sent on a hand-written map with the year given as 'xx.' A 19xx year was assumed, except for those of 1999-entered as 1899. If you find a name from the wrong century, assume the 1800s not 1900s.] Synagogue: Orthodox community, situated at 406 Durham St., has about 120 members. Contact: Dr. Gerald Morris (90B Proctor Street, Christchurch 5. phone and fax: 03.352-4764)
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