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A major city and seaport of South Africa, also known as Madiba Bay, located in Eastern Cape Province, about 770 kilimeters east of Cape Town

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Creek Jewish Cemetery:

Oldest section is 29 July 1863 to 15 October 1918. Council meeting on 31 July 1861 received a letter of application for a piece of land in the newly granted North End Cemetery. It was a great expense to convey bodies to Grahamstown for burial in the Jewish Cemetery there. The local community wished to have its own local burial ground. A report in the "Eastern Province Herald" dated 31 July 1863 states: "The Jewish Burial Ground at Creek has been used for the first time on the occasion of the burial of the child of Mr. E.H. Solomon on Wednesday, 29 July 1863." The grave of this child, Aaron Solomon aged 8 years, is to be found in Row 4 of Section A. The other graves in that row cover the period up to 1871 and include one for 1903. This indicates that burials did not take place in a specific order and that they seem to have worked from the "center" out which is usual for all cemeteries of that period. Overall, the objective has been to account for all the people of the community who were buried within this area between commencement of the cemetery and mid-October 1918. There are certainly a small number for whom no one will be able to account, except by hearsay, because of the shortcomings of the records, but we like to feel that every effort has been made to get all names. Source: (Mrs.) Liz Eshmade, for and on the behalf of The Genealogical Society of South Africa (East Cape Branch), Port Elizabeth, May 1998 and forwarded by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

North End Cemetery Jewish Section:

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