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KehilaLink [June 2014]

Wikipedia: "Kimberley is the capital of the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. It is located approximately 110 km east of the confluence of the Vaal and Orange Rivers. The city has considerable historical significance due to its diamond mining past and the siege during the Second Boer War. Notable personalities such as Cecil Rhodes and Barney Barnato made their fortunes here, and the roots of the De Beers company can also be traced to the early days of the mining town." [Jun e 2014]

Jewish Virtual Library [June 2014]

Synagogue. [June 2014]



Index of the old and new Kimberley Jewish Cemeteries are <>; and [June 2014]

Jews Shaken by Cemetery Vandalism and Murder [June 0214]

Pioneer Jewish Cemetery: aka Old Jewish

photos. [June 2014]

Old Jewish Cemetery at Kimberley Pioneer Cemetery

New Jewish Cemetery at Kimberley West End (aka Green Street Cemetery)

photos. [June 2014]

Holocaust memorial at New Jewish Cemetery (West End or Green Street Cemetery) [June 2014]





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