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Cemetery is about a quarter-mile from the edge of town and about 50 yards due S of the church on a hillside to E. There is a brand new house (1992) directly in front of this graveyard. About 50 stones exist, mostly in decent repair, though some are illegible. In 1929, a stone wall with a locked gate existed. Names: Korach, Honigsfeld, Polak, Lefkovics, Fleischer. Source: Paul Klein;

Photos from 1995/1996 by Solomon Mandel z"l

January 2009

Map of Village

Village Zemplínska Široká

Erb Zemplínska Široká Address: Phone:
00 421 56 649 72 33
Obecný úrad Fax: 00 421 56 649 72 33
Zemplínska Široká 304 Email:
072 12 Palín

Region: Košický
District: Michalovce
Micro region: Zemplínsky
Inhabitants: 881
Area: 1 618 ha
First paper reference: in year 1266
Mayor: Ing. Vladimír Mati



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