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Hungarian: Vágsellye, German: Schelle) Sal'a Region, Nitra District, SW Slovakia.. 48°09′01″N 17°52′39″E, The town is located on the Danubian Lowland and on both banks of the Váh River, about 65 km from Bratislava and 30 km from Nové Zámky. Except the town itself, the borough of Veča is on the left bank of the river and settlements of Hetméň and Kilič. The town lies in the warm climatic zone


  • Two Jewish cemeteries were in the Šala city district called Veča, but the older one vanished,. The other s situated near the river Váh, the last proof of the lost Jewish presence in this region. The 60 x 45m site contains about 250 gravestones. Some of which were reinterred from the older Veča cemetery and others from the abolished Šaľa Jewish cemetery. The oldest known gravestone dates from 1897. The sandstone, granite, white, pink or red marble gravestones decorated with symbols such as the Shield of David, Levite ewer, palm tree. have Hebrew, German and Hungarian inscriptions. The inactive cemetery remains a dignified place of the commemoration, thanks to maintenance by the local civil association Maceva. Photos and source [Sep 2014]


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