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Alternate names: Boesing, Bösing in German. Bazin, Pösing, Die juedischen Friedhoefe in der Slowakei; [Jewish Cemeteries in Slovakia] 1966 by the late Eugen Barkany. Nazis used all tombstones for street paving.

town image [February 2009] burial list [January 2010]

January 2009:

Map of Town

Town Pezinok

Erb Pezinok Address: Phone:
00 421 33 690 11 02
Mestský úrad Fax: 00 421 33 641 23 03
Radničné námestie 7 Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
902 14 Pezinok

Region: Bratislavský
District: Pezinok
Micro region: Malokarpatský
Inhabitants: 21876
Area: 7276 ha
First paper reference: in year 1208
Mayor: Mgr. Oliver Solga
Chief: Ing. Jozef Chynoranský, Ing. Juraj Pátek
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