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Alternate name:  MALACKY [SLOV], MALACZKA [HUN], MALATZKA [GER], MALCZKA, MALACKE. 48°26' N, 17°01' E, in W Slovakia, 20 miles NNW of Bratislava (Pressburg). 1900. Jewish population: 345. . town image [February 2009]

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Továrenská  3 Cemetery: Malacky Jewish cemetery located in the industrial area outside of the town center along the main road to Stupava is only accessible through the mobile home factory property. The forested area includes about twenty toppled Hebrew-German gravestones and several opened burial plots. The cemetery was devastated by the army during the Communist period. On the compound corner stands a ruined structure, probably once the mausoleum of the prominent Spitzer family that sponsored the synagogue construction. If so, then the chapel also was designed by the prolific Viennese architect Wilhelm Stiassny. The quadratic structure features a Moorish horse-shoe arch and the metallic frame of the onion dome, similar to that applied to the synagogue building in the center of town. To visit the compound of the private company Schafy, the visit must be first arranged with the company management. Source and photo. [Sep 2014]

US Commission No. SLCE000214Malacky cemetery is located in Bratislava-vidiek, N of Bratislava. The isolated suburban hillside, between fields and woods, has no sign or marker. Reached by turning directly off a public road, access is open to all via a broken masonry wall and no gate. 100-500 19th-20th century marble, granite, sandstone, and other materials flat shaped tombstones or finely smoothed and inscribed tombstones with Hebrew and German inscriptions have 20-100 in original locations. Adjacent properties are commercial/industrial. Private visitors stop rarely. Within the cemetery is a tomb. Vegetation is a moderate threat, disturbing graves; security, pollution, and vandalism are very serious threats. Weather erosion is a minor threat. [date probably is 1999.)

January 2009:

Map of Town

Town Malacky

Erb Malacky Address: Phone:
00 421 34 796 61 00
Mestský úrad Fax: 00 421 34 796 61 51
Radlinského 2751/1 Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
901 01 Malacky

Region: Bratislavský
District: Malacky
Micro region: Záhorie
Inhabitants: 17 858
Area: 2678 ha
First paper reference: in year 1206
Mayor: RNDr. Jozef Ondrejka
Chief: Ing. Dušan Vavrinec
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