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US Commission No. SLCE000153

Holic is located in Senica, SE of Hodonin. The isolated agricultural hillside is reached by turning directly off a public road and is open to all via broken masonry wall and a non-locking gate. 500-5000 marble, granite, sandstone, and other materials 19th-20th century tombstones, in original locations, flat shaped tombstones with carved relief decorations, finely smoothed and inscribed stones, or multi-stone monuments have Hebrew and German inscriptions. Some have metal fences around graves. The pre-burial house has inscriptions. The site is Jewish cemetery only. Adjacent properties are agricultural. Occasionally, private visitors stop. Individuals clear or clean occasionally. Pollution and vegetation are moderate threats; vandalism is a very serious threat. Security and weather erosion are minor threats.


UPDATE [Mar 2013]:

Location of cemetery indicated by white arrow on satellite photo, below; cemetery is just west of the windmill at the end of Hurbanova St.

[Source:  maps.google.com]


January 2009:


Town Holíč

Erb Holíč Address: Phone:
00 421 34 668 20 11
Mestský úrad Fax: 00 421 34 668 22 12
Bratislavská 5 Email: primator@holic.sk prednosta@holic.sk
908 51 Holíč
Web: www.holic.sk

Region: Trnavský
District: Skalica
Micro region: Záhorský
Inhabitants: 11581
Area: 3478 ha
First paper reference: in year 1217
Mayor: Bc. Zdenko Čambal
Chief: Ing. Jana Jurkovičová


Photos courtesy anonymous [July 2012]



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