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Alternate name: Pressburg

Newer cemetery is about 140/150 years old.

Central Union of the Jewish Communities in the Slovak Republic, 81447 Bratislava, Kozia Ul 21 may have more information.


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BOOK: Pictures of some of the stones at this cemetery are in Die Judengemeinde Bratislava , ed. by Hugo Gold, 1932. (pictures on page 43 may be from the new cemetery as is the picture on page 107). Source: Arthur Levi, 435 Porter Lake Drive, Longmeadow MA 01106, Phone: 413-781-2089, Fax: 413-781-2090 Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The underground mausoleum contains the graves of 18 famous rabbis. Among these are Rabbi Moses Sofer "Chatam Sofer" (1762-1839). The key is available from the Commission [?] Offices. See: The Jewish Travel Guide . London: Jewish Chronicle, 1992.

BOOK: Avnei beit hayotser...geonim asher matsþu mekom menuhatam beveit hahayim hayashan...presburg (Gravestones...of the Rabbis who are resting in the old Jewish cemetery of Pressburg {Bratislava]), by S. Weisz. Jerusalem, 1970 (first printing in 1900). 87 pages, Hebrew. S70A5165. Index of personal names. 85 tombstones (some not complete) dating from 1629-1847 are those of rabbis and some women. See: Tagger, Mathilde. Printed Books on Jewish Cemeteries in the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem: an annotated bibliography . Jerusalem: The Israel Genealogical Society, 1997.

BOOK: Barkany, Eugen. Die juedischen Friedhoefe in der Slowakei ; [Jewish Cemeteries in Slovakia] as of 1966, published by Frank Komjati [Vienna] with some of his additions, in Zeitscrift fuer Geschichte der Juden : Vol. X, Tel Aviv: __ 1973. Old cemetery was liquidated during construction of a tunnel. Only some 25-30 tombs remained and formed a subterranean mausoleum accessible by concrete steps, including Chatan Sofer and other rabbis. The stones removed to the Orthodox cemetery of Bratislava.

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