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Alternate names: Novi Sad [Serb], Újvidék [Hun], Neusatz [Ger], Nový Sad [Slov], Neusatz an der Donau. Serbian: Нови Сад. 45°15' N, 19°50' E, in N Serbia, 43 miles NW of Beograd. 1900 Jewish population: 1,507. On the banks of the Danube in the northern part of Serbia and capital of the autonomous region of Vojvodina, Nowi Sad was long under Austro-Hungarian domination. In 1694, the Austrians founded the city to protect a key bridge across the Danube from the Turks. Jewish presence is first recorded in 1699. By the eve of WWII, more than 4,000 Jews lived in the city with about 1,200 surviving.The city has the second largest surviving Jewish community in Serbia.

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The Novi Sad synagogue at 11 Jevrejska Street 21000 Novi Sad, +381 21 615 750, +381 21 423 882 was built between 1906 and 1909. In the 1940s, Jews from Novi Sad were imprisoned in this synagogue before their deportation to Nazi death camps. The building was served as a storehouse for furniture and possessions left behind by the city's Jews. Renovated in the early 1990s, the building is used for concerts and performances as well as for major Jewish holidays. The complex includes private apartments as well as the offices and function rooms of the  Jewish community.

A Jewish cemetery sits at the end of Egon Stark as does a monument to the Jews, who fell in the war, and to the victims of Fascism. Source: Srdjan Matic, MD, 40 West 95th Street, Apt. 1-B, New York, NY 10025. (212) 222-7783.[pre-1997]

Jewish cemetery: The large cemetery dating from 1717 has 19th- and early 20th-century monuments similar to those in Hungary. Next to a 1905 Ohel is the Holocaust memorial alongside the Danube riverbank. The monument commemorates the mass murder of 1,246 citizens of Novi Sad  men, women, and children murdered by the Hungarians on 23 January 1942. Only one of the mass murders in the Vojvodina district that was given by the Nazis to the Hungarians for their coopeartion. Most of those murdered were thrown into the frozen Danube, whose ice was broken by the gunfire. [January 2009]

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