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Alternate names: Apatin [Serb, Hun, Ger], Apathin, Abthausen and Serbian Cyrillic: Апатин. Jewish population:  169 (in 1880) and 251 (in 1921).  The town and municipality in the Vojvodina administrative region is located in the West Bačka District, at 45°40' N, 18°59' E, 9 miles SW of Sombor (Zombor), on the Danube (border with Croatia).  . The town of Apatin is the administrative, economic, cultural, educational and tourist center of the municipality of Apatin (333 km²) with a population of 19,289 in the town and 32,793 in the municipality. The about 60 Jews from Apatin died in the Holocaust. (website). General village information and information. [January 2010]

Their simple 1885 synagogue building was used as a Baptist church in the 1950s and is now vacant.  A rabbi's house still exists near the synagogue. Painting in synagogue. The cemetery dating from 1780 with an ohel exists. [January 2009]

[UPDATE] "i have heard that the Jewish cemetery which had very few headstones remaining has been fenced." [Souurce: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , April 2018]


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