International Jewish Cemetery Project - Scotland

A very small Jewish congregation existed until the 1960's, but is now defunct. For Community Information, see Inverness on JCR-UK.

"The Jewish community in Inverness have just completed an arrangement with the Town Council, by which they have acquired a piece of ground to be utilised as a cemetery. The ground is in the town cemetery. The need of a Jewish cemetery has been felt for a number of years, as former interments always took place in Glasgow over two hundred miles distant. A recent death  - that of a young lad of fourteen years who had only just arrived from his home in Russia  - determined the congregation to take this step. His body was the first buried in the new ground." [Jewish Chronicle, 12 January 1906, page 45. Source: Harold Pollins]


  • Tomnahurich Cemetery: 20 burials since 1906; (SJAC) Source: Scottish Jewish Archive Center list of burials, 127 Hill St. Glasgow G36UB United Kingdom supplied by Harvey L. Kaplan, MA, 1/L 11 Millwood St. Glasgow, G41 3JY This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it