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Jewish agricultural colony village in Western Canada where "the Jewish population of 53 formed 15.01 % of its total population...Forty Jewish families (a total of 100 people) founded Lipton in 1901 with the help of ICA. They were taught by nearby Indians and Metis how to erect log houses chinked with clay and roofed with sod. In Lipton, too, Jewish teachers were engaged and a cemetery laid out." [Source]


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Lipton Hebrew Cemetery: 1901-1951, 80 graves about 5 miles N.E. of Lipton. 
    • photo. photos. article in "Prarie Kaddish", an illustrated history with poetry.  The cemetery is a Heritage Property (landmarked). Range/Lot/Concession: E ½ 24-23-13 W2. Area: RM of Lipton # 217. Municipality: East Central. Closest Community - Balcarres or Range/Lot/Concession: NW ¼ 07-23-12 W3. Area: RM of Tullymet # 216. Municipality: East Central   [April 2010]
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