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EDENBRIDGE: (Brooksby) Melfort Congregation, Saskatchewan Ave E., Melfort (1950- ?) used Edenbridge Jewish Cemetery.

KehilaLink. [May 2012]

  • Edenbridge Jewish Cemetery: 47 Range 17, 1912-1970s, 25 miles N.E. of Melfort, behind the Synagogue. Beth Israel Synagogue, 47 Range 17, 1908- ?, now restored as an historic site.
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ESTEVAN: The Beth Jacob Synagogue, 2nd St & 11th Ave, 1930s-1957, is now the local public library.

Baron DeHirsch Colony. A cemetery existed. Contact: Saskatchewan Genealogical Society, Faith Stepp, Box 81, Torquay, SK S0C 2L0. (306) 923-4507.

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  • Hirsch Community Jewish Cemetery, 1894- ?, ! 100 graves, Hwy 18, about 10 miles east of Estevan. "The Jewish cemetery is just west of the town. It contained five acres until Provincial Highwasy #18 expropriated 0.78 of an acre therefrom, when it was constructed in the 1950's. It now contains 4.22 acres and is located on the northwest corner of the northeast quarter of section 32, township 2, range 5, west 2nd Meridian. This cemetery acreage was set aside by the Jewish Colonization Association, who are still the owners. The balance of that quarter section in addition to other adjacent lands is now owned and farmed by Alex Schopp.
    There are 103 graves in this cemetery, of which only 50 remain marked now. I remember, prior to the drought of the 1930's, when there were several temporary markers. Due to neglect, lack of maintenance, and severe drifting of soil, these markers have disappeared. The original cemetery records which were kept by the late Chas. Zelickson, are lost." [Source?]
  • "An historic site, approximately 4.22 acres adjacent to Highway #18, about 2.5 miles west of Hirsch, Saskatchewan, east of Bienfait. It is located in the northwest corner of the northeast quarter of section 32, Township 2, Range 5, West 2nd Meridian." The Jewish Colonization Association owned it, originally 5 acres. 103 graves, of which 50 are marked, are listed at the website. Colony existed from 1892-1942. Source
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    LIPTON: Saskatchawan Jewish agricultural colony village in Western Canada where "the Jewish population of 53 formed 15.01 % of its total population...Forty Jewish families (a total of 100 people) founded Lipton in 1901 with the help of ICA. They were taught by nearby Indians and Metis how to erect log houses chinked with clay and roofed with sod. In Lipton, too, Jewish teachers were engaged and a cemetery laid out." [Source]


    • "Jewish pioneers on Canada's prairies: The Lipton Jewish agricultural colony." Jewish History, Volume 21, Numbers 3-4 / September, 2007, 385-411
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    Lipton Hebrew Cemetery: 1901-1951, 80 graves about 5 miles N.E. of Lipton. 
      • photo. photos. article in "Prarie Kaddish", an illustrated history with poetry.  The cemetery is a Heritage Property (landmarked). Range/Lot/Concession: E ½ 24-23-13 W2. Area: RM of Lipton # 217. Municipality: East Central. Closest Community - Balcarres or Range/Lot/Concession: NW ¼ 07-23-12 W3. Area: RM of Tullymet # 216. Municipality: East Central   [April 2010]
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    MELFORT: see EDENBRIDGE (Ellen Renck) Saskatchewan SK Sat, 17 Jan 2009 14:15:02 +0000 MELVILLE: Melville Hebrew Synagogue, 441 Saskatchewan Street (1921- ?) is now a warehouse.


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    MOOSE JAW: House of Israel Synagogue, 3rd Ave N.W. & Ross St, 1926- .


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    NORTH BATTLEFORD: North Battleford Synagogue, 14th Ave & 105th St.


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