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Coat of arms of ZittauAlternate names: Czech: Žitava, Polish: Żytawa, Upper Sorbian: Žitawa. The city in SE Free State of Saxony as  part of the Görlitz district close to the border tripoint of Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic. 2009 population: 28,638 people. One of the most important trading points in the 16th century for beer, in the 18th and 19th century, textiles became important as part of the a tradition in the region of Upper-Lusatia. During World War II, a labor camp was located in the city with forced labour for Schoenmann Werke, an aircraft parts manufacturer. Wikipedia. [August 2012]

Cemetery: 02763 Saxony (Gerz, Peters) / Goerlitzer Str. 67.

The cemetery was defiled by a former member of the Communist party. Source [August 2012]

History of vandalism. [August 2012]

"Antisemitism. West of the road, sandwiched between Zittau's welcome sign and the rambling construction site of a new industrial park, is a desecrated Jewish cemetery. Its 20 or so gravestones lay broken and cracked, their Stars of David face down in the mud, for months after right-wing extremists vandalized the graves more than a year ago. The vandals have never been caught, and the city has so little money and so many other priorities that it did not repair the damage until last month." Source: "A Tale of Two Germany." US News and World Report 1993. [August 2012]

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