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CHEMNITZ: 09112 Saxony (Gerz)
I and II.
We went to the Jewish cemetery in 1992 and 1995. It is very well kept, several hundred tombstones in very good shape. The city provides constant caretaking service. This industrial city had quite a small Jewish population in the 1920's, only a few hundred families. All graves had been kept in excellent shape all these years; now there is a project to re-carve all the names and letters on the stones. The address of the Jewish association is Jüedisch Gemeinde, Stollberger Str. 28, 09119 Chemnitz. The secretary is Dr. Ruth Röecher. Private phone: +(49) 371-304747. She speaks and writes fluent Hebrew, English and, of course, German. Source: Gideon Carmi, Kibb. Machanaim, Israel, June 6, 1996
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