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ST. WENDEL: 66606 Saarland (Gerz, Peters)
Kreis St. Wendel
Auf dem Galgenberg.
Area in sq. meters: 964. From a listing of Jewish cemeteries extant in 1972, based on data from the Synagogue association of the Saar.
The Jewish cemetery of St. Wendel is located outside St. Wendel along the county road (L132) halfway between St. Wendel and Baltersweiler, where the Eisenbach Road goes down to Urweiler. The cemetery in our local slang is called, like the area surrounding it: Joorre-kay-opp. Jurre = slang for Juden (plural of Jew = Jude), kay-opp = slang for Kirchhof = churchyard = cemetery. There are also some Russian DPs buried at the southern edge of the cemetery. Source: Roland Geiger, St. Wendel; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
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