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Coat of arms of Ulyanovsk.pngALternate names: Ul'yanovsk [Rus, since 1924], Simbirsk [Rus, before 1924], Symbirsk, Uljanowska am Wolga, Uljanowsk , city and the administrative center of Ulyanovsk Oblast located on the Volga River, 54°20' N, 48°24' E, 438 miles E of Moskva, on the Volga River.  Population: 613,786 in 2010 Census. The city is the birthplace of Vladimir Lenin for whom it was renamed in 1924. Jewish population: 418 (in 1868)

Chabad. [Apr 2014]
Synagogue [Apr 2014]
  • Cleaning of cemetery in 2012 [Apr 2014]
  • Russian Vandals Admit to Smashing Jewish Graves By Cnaan Liphshiz 18 April 2013 (JTA) - "Two suspects arrested for destroying dozens of Jewish tombstones in central Russia admitted to the crime but said the attack was not anti-Semitic. Russian police arrested the men, aged 46 and 32, in connection with the attack discovered the previous day at a cemetery in Ulyanovsk, near the city of Kazan. Most of the 30 graves destroyed were from the Jewish part of the cemetery, the online edition of the Russian daily Komsomolskaya Pravda reported. The report said the suspects admitted to smashing the tombstones but said the attack was not anti-Semitic. Rather, the report said, the men said they were drunk and broke the Jewish tombstones because they were closest to them." Read the original article here.

  • gravestone photos with names and dates. [Apr 2014]



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