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Alternate names: Saratov [Rus], Saratów [Pol], Saratow [Ger], Saretow. 51°34' N, 46°02' E, On the Volga River, 450 miles SE of Moskva (Moscow).. Саратов   Jewish population: 1,460 (in 1897)
1996 vandalism [Apr 2014]
  • Holocaust and cemetery history.  During the war Saratov was bombed by the Germans and two or three bombs fell on the Jewish cemetery.
  • "In an article about antisemitism in Saratov Oblast published in the November 29, 2001 issue of Obshchaya Gazeta, Sergey Pochechuev-press secretary of the Saratov synagogue-is quoted as saying the following: 'In Saratov nowadays it has become unsafe. Over the past year, the Jewish cemetery has been attacked five times. On the night of October 8, nine gravestones were destroyed. On the night of the 15th, there were over 60. The Kirovsky ROVD are investigating. But the culprits have not once been found. In the Spring, a Molotov cocktail shattered on the roof of the synagogue. A fire didn't break out due to good luck-a parishioner saw it in time. We cannot open a Sunday school in the synagogue since we cannot guarantee the total safety of the children. You can find everything in Saratov book stalls, including 'Mein Kampf.' Luckily, those who do the pogroms [UCSJ Note: The attacks on the cemetery] don't read books. However, their potential leaders can read them.' The article also described the recent decision by Saratov authorities to start a criminal case against an antisemitic writer, based on a law banning the incitement of ethnic hatred-the first time this law has been applied in Saratov Oblast. There is also a description of racism among the local population against immigrants and refugees from Central Asia and the Caucasus." [Apr 2014]
  • gravestone photos with names and dates [Apr 2014]
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