VIMA MICA: Maramures County Print

47°24' N 23°43' E, 234.6 miles NNW of Bucureşti. 2002 Population: 1,637 with no Jews. Alternate name: Vima Mică

US Commission No. ROCE-0384   Map

Alternate Hungarian name: Dragavilma. Located at 47;24' 23;43' in Maramures County, approximately 15km from Tirgu Lapus and 31.3 kilometers SSE of Baia Mare. The cemetery is on the far side of Vima Mica (coming from Tirgu Lapus) above the abandoned water pump/reservoire on the left, opposite the village sign (approximately 100m from the last house in the village). The cemetery can be reached by following a cart track up the hill about 150m, where the stones are visible on the right on a hillside triangle between plowed fields with fruit trees growing in it.

The cemetery in Vima Mica (Dragavilma) was not known to the Jewish Community in Baia Mare, and appears to be the remains of a somewhat larger cemetery. One stone remains standing; and two others are broken off at the base. There are plowed fields around the site, but the ground on which the stones rest is undisturbed. The only threat is that the last stone will eventually be taken. We were not able to determine the former boundaries of the cemetery.

This site was not known to the Jewish Community in Baia Mare at the time of the survey. It is not known whether the Jewish Community in Bucuresti is aware of this site. The isolated rural (agricultural) hillside has no sign or marker. The cemetery is reached by turning directly off a public road and onto private property. Access to the cemetery open to all with no wall, fence, or gate. Present cemetery size is about 3x6m. Vegetation and water drainage are good. The owner is a private individual. Adjacent properties are agricultural. The cemetery boundaries are probably smaller than in 1939 because of agricultural encroachment. Never visited. The theft of stones probably occurred after W.W.II. No care. Uncontrolled access and weather erosion are the only threats.

John DeMetrick and Christina Crowder, (formerly of Cluj, they have no further information) , completed this survey on 19 April 2000 using a list of cemeteries known by the Jewish Community in Baia Mare. They visited the site on 7 April 2000 and interviewed local residents.

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