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Alternate names: Vama [Rom], Wama [Ger]. 47°34' N, 25°41' E. 1910 Jewish population: 618. Photo. A commune located in Suceava County, Vama has four villages: Molid, Prisaca Dornei, Strâmtura and Brazi. Vama-Moldoviţa railway is a 125-year old route. [May 2009]


The cemetery is located in Suceava County, 14km from Campulung Moldovenesc and 16km from Gura Humorului. 2008 town population: 6,011 (2008) with no Jews.

  • Local authority: Mayor Dorin Preotescu, Str. Victoriei 56, Vama.
  • Religious authority: Jewish Community of Suceava, President Sorin Golda.
  • Religious authority: The Federation of the Jewish Communities of Romania, Str. Sf. Vineri 9-11, Bucharest.

The 1910 census registered 618 Jews. This Jewish cemetery was established in the 19th century. The isolated, rural (agricultural) cemetery location on a hillside has a sign or plaque. Reached by crossing private property, access is open to all. A broken fence surrounds the site. The cemetery has a gate that does not lock. The present size of the cemetery is approximately 60m x 30m. 20 to 100 stones are visible in the cemetery with some not in original location. 50%-75% are toppled or broken. The location of the stones that have been removed is not known. Vegetation overgrowth is a constant problem, disturbing stones. It is impossible to determine if the cemetery is divided into special sections. Tombstones in the cemetery date from the 19th century. Inscriptions on tombstones are in Hebrew, German, Romanian. Adjacent properties are agricultural. Rarely, private Jewish or non-Jewish visitors stop. Care is occasionally clearing or cleaning by individuals. No structures. Uncontrolled access, weather erosion and vegetation are a moderate threat.

Dr. Simon Geissbuhler, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , completed this survey on May 31, 2009. More information and pictures are included in S. Geissbuhler, Jewish Cemeteries of the Bucovina, Bucharest, Noi Media Print 2009. He visited on February 23, 2009. No interviews.


Photos below courtesy Edgar Hauster [2012]



[UPDATE] Photos by Charles Burns (Note:  Burns does not specify which "Vama" his photos are from.  It is possible that they are from Vama, Satu Mare County, Transylvania.  [April 2016]




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