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US Commission Number: ROCE-0371

Alternate Hungarian name: Lacfalu. Located at 47°38' 23°42', about 15km from Baia Mare in Maramures County, the cemetery is between the two houses directly behind the post office/police station of Sisesti.

Baia Mare Jewish Community was unaware of this cemetery at the time of the survey. Possibly, the Jewish Community in Bucuresti is aware of this site. Local individuals interested in site even if they are not responsible for it: Mr. & Mrs. Ilie Pricob, Sisesti nr. 240, Jud. Maramures, Romania.

Between fields and woods, on an isolated wooded hillside with no sign or marker, the 5x5 meter cemetery is reached by turning off a public road onto private property and is open to all with no fence or gate. Although the six stones in this cemetery are located in an open space or yard between two houses, they are in little danger other than weather erosion and soil upheaval from frost. The two sisters who live in the houses care for the stones as much as they are able even though they are not official caretakers. The yard itself is well kept, with the grass mown regularly. One of the sister's reported that the families light candles on the graves and bring flowers on November 1 each year, according to Christian Orthodox custom for the 'Day of the Dead'. 7 (5 legible, 1 worn severely) gravestones include one that is only a footing without a marker. 3 stones are leaning. If stones are missing, they were incorporated into roads or structures in the village. Vegetation and drainage are not a problem.

The limestone and sandstone memorial markers are flat shaped, smoothed and inscribed with Hebrew. No mass graves. The present owner is a private individual. The Jewish burials are in the front yard used only as a Jewish cemetery. Adjacent properties are an agricultural village residential setting, e.g. very near houses with adjacent gardens, orchards and pastures. The site is not visited. The cemetery vandalism was theft of stones between 1945 and the present. Care is seasonal clearing vegetation by local non-Jewish residents. Weather erosion is a slight threat.

Completing this survey on 18 April 2000: John DeMetrick and Christina Crowder ,(formerly of Cluj, they have no further information). They used a list of known Jewish cemeteries in Baia Mare. Other documentation will be supplied later. They visited the site on 9 April 2000 and conducted interviews with Mrs. Ilie Pricob, Sisesti nr. 240, Jud. Maramures, Romania.

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